The Bootstrap Ultimatum – Discussion Points for Book Clubs

The Bootstrap Ultimatum – a novel by Avraham Azrieli*

The Bootstrap Ultimatum – Discussion Points for Book Clubs

  • What does Ben feel towards his late dad? Why does he feel this way? Is it justified?
  • How deep and/or committed is the relationship between Ben and his girlfriend? Is he keeping parts of himself away from her? Is she open with him? Is her work more important to her than he is? Or is it the other way around?
  • Ben and his mother: A strong bond or not? Open or not? Are there unresolved issues?
  • How did the hacker know to post an article disgracing Ben’s dad? How did the hacker know that this is a weak spot for Ben without ever having met him?
  • Why did the hacker choose to use the word “Bootstrap”?
  • Is J. Andrew’s imposter (Daphne Vigil) truly evil? Are her motives, and maybe actions, actually justifiable? Why?
    • Are she and J. Andrews correct?
  • Memorial Day is meant to commemorate soldiers who have served. Should stores have sales on such a day?
    • Do many Americans take the time to commemorate these soldiers? Or has Memorial Day simply become a day for shopping?
    • Is a bad thing if it has become a day for shopping?
  • Andrews had killed himself after not being helped and instead being disrespected. Does America give its veterans the correct amount respect and help or is it lacking?

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About the Author*: Avraham Azrieli, a graduate of Columbia Law School in New York City, tried many complex court cases before publishing his first novel, The Masada Complex (a political thriller) in 2010. A full-time author since then, his other books include the Israeli spy novels The Jerusalem Inception and The Jerusalem Assassin, as well as Christmas for Joshua (a family drama dealing with interfaith conflicts), The Mormon Candidate (a political thriller), Thump (a courtroom drama featuring sexual harassment and racism) and The Bootstrap Ultimatum (a mystery involving the commercialization of Memorial Day). He also authored Your Lawyer on a Short Leash (a guide to dealing with lawyers) and One Step Ahead (a WWII biography, which inspired the musical By Wheel and by Wing).