This year, I’m supporting a great charity dedicated to battling Multiple Sclerosis. It’s called LONG HAUL PAUL, and here it is in Paul’s own words:

My name is Paul Pelland and in 2012 I recalculated my life’s road by deciding to share and chronicle my life’s journey; the difficult challenges I have faced and how I overcame them, my life-long passion of long distance motorcycling, and for the first time, openly discussing and dealing with everyday challenges brought on by having the often disabling diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis.

My mission is to document riding one million miles with MS, for MS. My hope is that by sharing my story I will inspire others who are facing tough challenges in life to never stop chasing their passions and dreams, while also raising awareness and funds as I continue Chasing The Cure.

My journey involves traveling by motorcycle for as long as I possibly can, speaking at various events, conferences, rallies and support group meetings across the country. We all struggle to navigate around the potholes of life, and the story I share can be tailored for any audience. My progress is posted across my social media channels in real time. In the first eight years I have been able to ride 450,000 miles, raise $200,000 for charity, set three world records and share my story at over 250 events across the United States!

To donate, please go to Long Haul Paul.