1. How do you pronounce Avraham’s name?

Av-rah-ham Az-ree-eli

10. When is the next book signing event?

Visit the Events section of this website for information about upcoming appearances.

12. Is Avraham working on any television and/or movie projects?

Avraham has written a few screenplays, and his book One Step Ahead, a true story of survival during WWII, has inspired the musical By Wheel and By Wind.

20. Does Avraham attend book club meetings?

“My mother has been the driving force behind two book clubs for fifty years, and the inspiration was contagious. Today, as a writer, I’ve come to believe a fundamental truth, which is even more true in today’s incessant information overload: Book clubs are the Philosopher’s Stone for books and writers. Nothing is more important to the future of books than the flourishing of book clubs.” For Maryland, Washington DC, and N. Virginia book Clubs (and occasionally New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania), an in-person meet and signing is possible. Otherwise, Skype, FaceTime, or Phone participation is possible with advance scheduling. Book clubs receive 1 free paperback copy and as many e-book copies as needed. Suggested lists of Book Club Discussion Points are offered on this website. Please go to the Book Clubs page and click on one of the links for suggested Discussion Points for each of Avraham’s novels.

3. How did Avraham become a writer?

“I started writing articles and essays during my four years of IDF military service as an intelligence officer and then during law school. My first publication was an opinion piece about how corruption and cronyism caused the mass emigration of young Israelis. It was published as an op-ed by Israel’s leading daily newspaper, Maariv, and drew intense reactions from politicians and public thinkers. I’ve since published articles in the International Herald Tribune, The Jewish News and other publications, as well as law journals and book review magazines, not to mention writing countless legal briefs in hundreds of cases before various trial and appeals courts, including–as the cliché goes–all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court. As to fiction, I’ve been an avid reader since childhood, which is where most fiction writers begin their journey. I started my first novel, The Jerusalem Inception, while practicing law at a major law firm on Wall Street, and continued to write while handling court cases all over the United States, finding time at night, early in the morning, or while traveling. Since the publication of The Masada Complex in 2010, I’ve been writing full-time and loving it.”

4. Where does Avraham get his story ideas?

“There is no good answer to this question. Ideas pop up, most are soon forgotten, but some persist and nag until they put on flesh and grow ripe as a story.”

5. What authors does Avraham admire?

“I’ve enjoyed many writers of fiction and non-fiction books. I’ve read all of Ken Follett’s books–he is truly a master storyteller whom I admire greatly. And there are many others who have captivated and inspired me, including such diverse authors as Phillip Roth, Agatha Christie, Leon Uris, John Le Carré, Chaim Potok, Herman Wouk, James Mitchener, Harper Lee, John Irving, David McCullough, Amos Elon, Karen Armstrong, Stephen King, Yigael Yadin, Ira Levin, Frederick Forsyth, Isaac Bashevis Singer, Karl May, Colleen McCullough, Nelson DeMille, Daniel Silva, Paulo Coelho, David Baldacci, J.K. Rowling, Bernard Lewis, and many others.”

6. I have a great story idea for Avraham. Will he consider writing it?

No. For legal and creative reasons, Avraham never considers other people’s story ideas.

7. Will Avraham read my manuscript and give me his opinion?

No. For legal reasons, Avraham does not read unpublished material.

8. Does Avraham have any advice for aspiring writers?

Do something else if you can. But if you have to write, do it every day and never pay too much attention to all the well-meaning naysayers. Like other forms of creative art, writing is about what you have to say, in the medium you want to express it, and at the highest quality you could possibly reach with it. The rest is bureaucracy.

9. Can Avraham suggest a good agent/good publisher?

No. Agents and publishers are very selective, especially in today’s evolving industry transformation. Writers Market and Writers Digest are excellent resources, as well as all the new advice on independent publishing.

11. How can I get a personalized/autographed copy of one of Avraham’s books?

Avraham enjoys meeting and signing books for fans at book signing events and speaking engagements. (See the list on the Events page of the website.) Currently, that is the only way to obtain a signed copy. If you are unable to attend any of the events, contact one of the host stores in advance and ask to purchase a copy and have the store staff obtain an autograph for you. They will be happy to do it.

13. How can I contact Avraham?

If you have a specific question or comment for Avraham, you are most welcome use the Contact form.

14. Does Avraham read his emails?

Yes. Avraham loves to hear from her readers and tries to respond to each one, time permitting.

15. What is Avraham’s preferred philanthropy?

Avraham and his family choose a cause every year and try and make a difference. Please check the Philanthropy page on this website.

16. How do I book Avraham to speak at an event?

Please use the Contact form to extend an invitation.

17. Should I read Avraham’s novels in a certain order?

Each of the novels is enjoyable as a standalone story. The two Jerusalem novels, however, feature the same cast of lead characters and therefore would be more enjoyable if you read them in chronological historic order: First is The Jerusalem Inception, and then The Jerusalem Assassin. The two Ben Teller books (The Mormon Candidate and The Bootstrap Ultimatum) are not chronological and may be enjoyed in any order. For more information about the books, please visit the Books page on this website.

18. When will we see another “Jerusalem” book again?

It will come, but no date is set yet. Stay tuned!

19. Should I post a review of one of Avraham’s books?

Yes! Avraham loves to see his readers’ reviews on book sites. It is the best expression of readers’ passion for the books, the best reward for all the hard work that goes into writing a book, and the best way to help other readers decide which books to read. If you do post a review, please feel free to let Avraham know by using the Contact form on this website, so that he can thank you personally. Posting reviews is a wonderful way to support online readers’ communities. Please click on one of the Social Communities on the right(side or bottom) to post a review.

2. When will we see Avraham’s next book?

Avraham’s goal is to publish at least one new book every year. To track his progress, look at the bottom of the Home page under “WIP – Work in Progress.”