Book Club: The Mormon Candidate

The Mormon Candidate – A Novel by Avraham Azrieli:

Book Club Discussion Points:

1. Discuss Ben Teller’s personality:

A. What are the roots of Ben’s doggedness?

B. Is he just another paparazzi, or is he driven by moral reasons?

C. Is he transformed by what happened to him though this story?

2. Compare Ben’s respective relationships with his mother and with his girlfriend and discuss the reluctance he exhibits about committing to Keera. (Does the death and absence of his father impacts this reluctance?)

3. We know Zachariah only through his diary and past actions, but he triggered Ben’s curiosity and relentless pursuit. About Zachariah:

A. Why was he so upset by Morgan’s posthumous baptism of Captain Teller?

B. How did he balance his Mormon faith with this new realization that the
ritual is somehow wrong?

C. Was this objection rooted in his faith, or in newfound unfaithfulness? Did
he sincerely believe that he received a ‘personal revelation’ – or was he
mentally ill as the psychiatrist said?

D. Where is the line between religion and morality? Are the two supposed to
be aligned? Is the Mormon Church that different than other religions?

E. What about the Mormon principle of “Truth” vs. “Facts”?

4. Discuss the personal experiences of the ex-Mormons who kidnapped Ben.

A. Are these experiences representative of Mormons or unusual cases?

B. In that context, does the book emphasize anti-Mormon positions, or is it a
balanced story that shows the good and the bad?

5. Discuss Mormon women’s position in light of the recent excommunication of
Kate Kelly. For example:

6. Discuss the issue of presidential candidates and privacy.

A. How much must we know as voters in order to make an informed voting decision?

B. How much do we deserve to know about a candidate by virtue of his choice to seek our vote and become ‘public figure no. 1’?

C. How relevant is the candidate’s religious faith to the vote—and to the way the candidate will do his job as president.

Note to the Reader: These Book Club Discussion Points are offered as a courtesy by the author; the topics are mere suggestions, intended only to help ignite lively, freeform discussions of the novel.

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Click on the link below for a PDF of the Discussion Points, which you may print or email to members of the Book Club:

PDF Book Club Discussion Points – The Mormon Candidate by Avraham Azrieli