The Jerusalem Inception

The Jerusalem Inception
On the eve of the Six Day War, in the divided city of Jerusalem, a young rabbinical scholar falls in love with a beautiful Mossad agent twice his age, breaks off the shackles of religious observance, and volunteers for a dangerous mission that will determine the outcome of the greatest Mideast war.

The Jerusalem Inception

by: Avraham Azrieli
publisher: CreateSpace

Praise for The Jerusalem Inception

“The 1967 war continues to dominate the Middle East. If you want to know what really happened (and at the same time fall in love with a striking cast of unforgettable characters) then The Jerusalem Inception is for you. In the best tradition of Eye of the Needle and The Bourne Identity, this one is a hit!” —Stephen J. Wall, author of The Morning After and On the Fly.

“Woven within its pages are secrets and lies, loves lost and hidden, resentment and betrayal. This amazing story develops in ways in which the reader would never have imagined, and I thoroughly recommend it to mystery and suspense thriller fans.” Susan Keefe, Living in France Magazine

“Throughout the absorbing tale, Azrieli smoothly intertwines the inner lives of Abraham, Elie, Tanya and Lemmy which prove to be tragic, complex and with vast landscapes. At the same time, he manages to imbue the novel with themes such as the Holocaust, revenge, loyalty, honesty, religious fanaticism, forbidden love, the duplicity of some members of the United Nations prior to the Six-Day War and Israeli’s abandonment by the United States and France. What is quite noteworthy is that Azrieli manages to effectively combine important challenges Israel faces […] with riveting thriller elements. The four principal characters are far from being forgettable, all leaving readers with lasting impressions with their divergent beliefs and views that engage us on deeper levels. This one is certainly a chilling good read! Is there a sequel in the offing?” N. Goldman, The Examiner

“Gerster, Jerusalem Gerster” doesn’t have quite the ring as, “Bond, James Bond,” however as a character in author Avraham Azrieli’s book titled The Jerusalem Inception, James has nothing over Jerusalem with respect to international espionage, romantic exploits and nation building. Pacific Book Review

It set a consistent pace, never a boring moment. It has espionage, romance, a clear explanation of both government and IDF Intelligence Corps as well as some aspects of the Jewish faith […] airtight research and believability. Intriguing. Among the likes of the Jason Bourne series and Mission: Impossible franchise, The Jerusalem Inception is a daring piece of literature and I cannot wait for what comes next. Reading Good Books

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