Ghosts, giants and more for fall reading

“Google “Mormon candidate” and Avraham Azrieli’s new novel of the same name pops up at number 10. It’s not a biography of presidential candidate Mitt Romney, nor an examination of the current electoral landscape – “The Mormon Candidate” (CreateSpace, $15 paperback) is a fast-paced thriller with an intriguing title and even more intriguing plot.”

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A trio of books from authors with Arizona ties

“Another lawyer turned novelist with a Valley tie, Avraham Azrieli offers his third fast-paced thriller drawing on his past as an Israel Defense Forces intelligence officer and bolstered by his extensive historical research.” The Jewish News of Greater Phoenix.


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Interview with Author Avraham Azrieli

“Today we’re talking with Avraham Azrieli, author of Thump FQ: Sir, you have written a number of titles that reach into the political arena, as well as back into the Holocaust era. What made you decide to write a legal thriller with sexual harassment at its core? AZRIELI: The story of Thump had to be told — it’s been brewing in my mind for a while.”

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Delving into Doubt: The Doubtful Virtue of Religious Certainty

An article in the Patuxent Review featuring Avraham Azrieli as part of a literary discussion about faith and doubt.

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A Conversation With Avraham Azrieli Author of The Mormon Candidate

The Examiner (Canada) and – interview with author Avraham Azrieli after the release of The Mormon Candidate.

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Improving Arbitration Under the U.S.-Israel Free Trade Agreement

A 1993 Law Review article by Avraham Azrieli: Improving Arbitration Under the U.S.-Israel Free Trade Agreement: A Framework for a Middle-East Free Trade Zone

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Dispute Resolution under Chapter 18 of the U.S.-Canada Free Trade Agreement

A 1990 Law Review article by Avraham Azrieli (based on a Graduate Paper during LLM studies at Columbia Law School in New York City): Dispute Resolution under Chapter 18 of the Canada-United States Free Trade Agreement – American Review of International Arbitration – Vol. 1, No. 3, 1990

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