The Mormon Candidate – A Novel

The Mormon Candidate - A Novel
While investigating the murder of a Marine veteran at a motorcycle rally, reporter Ben Teller infiltrates the D.C. Mormon Temple and uncovers a secret that could shock the nation and determine the presidential elections.In the tradition of Vince Flynn, David Baldacci, Nelson DeMille, Daniel Silva, and Ken Follett, The Mormon Candidate will enthrall readers who love a good story, filled not only with lively characters, intricate plotting, and breathtaking action, but also with passionate conflicts and crucial questions of loyalty, religion, and justice. It will have a special appeal for readers who are fascinated by the interaction of faith and political power.

The Mormon Candidate - A Novel

by: Avraham Azrieli
publisher: CreateSpace

Praise for The Mormon Candidate


The Mormon Candidate is part thriller, part mystery, part love story, and part religious interrogation. Azrieli’s novel maintains an excellent balance […] keeping the reader engaged not only with the current mystery, but the life and progression of the protagonist’s life as well. Never a dull moment!” San Francisco Book Review.
“Author Avraham Azrieli wades into controversial waters with his fifth novel, “The Mormon Candidate.” This is a thoroughly entertaining mystery that uses an interesting backdrop a religion with customs that are unusual to most readers. Several twists surprise the reader without seeming out of place and that is not an easy accomplishment. A well-written page-turner.” – Kel Kanady, San Jose Mercury.
“Plotted like a cinematic thriller, Azrieli has come up with a very powerful novel accelerated by a fluid narrative style that is laced with some troubling undertones. At work here is his extraordinary magic in making his readers as eager as his protagonist in uncovering the truth and thus effectively creating pervasive fear and suspense. This is one yarn that is sure to keep you up late against your better judgement. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” – N. Goldman, The Examiner.
“Azrieli unwinds the tale, tying together church intrigue, electoral politics and Mormon practice. His approach is even-handed, even as he deals with the delicate issue of posthumous baptism, anathema to many Jews and a controversial practice in the LDS church. In the end, Azrieli, like any novelist worth his words, ties up the loose ends neatly after taking the reader on an exciting chase. A well-conceived and timely read.” – V. Cabot, The Jewish News.


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